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After two bouts of HR burnout, I consciously decided to put more time into my self-care. As I began my journey to a better me, I realized that other HR professionals faced the same dilemma. Feeling burned out, defeated and ready to call this profession, we love quits.

This is where my coaching journey began and continues to develop as I provide a safe space for my HR community to heal from burnout, compassion fatigue and vicarious workplace trauma. To get clarity on the direction, they want to navigate their HR career and find their HR voice.

I started HR@Heart out of a passion for my profession and a desire to see my colleagues succeed by finding their voice and taking intentional steps to prioritize their self-care.

According to Forbes magazine, 98% of HR professionals are burned out, and over 70% are ready to find new jobs. So when you ask, "Where is the HR for HR?" I want you to know that you can find a safe space with me.


HR@HEART Consulting Inc. works with organizations, executives, teams and individuals who are ready to prioritize their self-care and professional development so that they can continue bringing their best selves to work.


Are you are at a defining moment in your HR career? Looking for that next promotion or just feeling that you need your own private and confidential confidante to brainstorm with? I am happy to support you.

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Your body and mind need a proper break. Join me in beautiful Barbados for the Building Resilience Agility retreat. Come alone or bring your team and enjoy a learning experience like no other.

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My speaking engagements empower attendees to engage in critical thinking and discussion around pertinent HR topics that affect the way we interact and work with others.

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These are my confessions...

I wrote this book as a tribute to the profession I have come to love so dearly and the amazing people I have met as a result of working in this field.

Everyone cannot "HR" and while there are some bad apples in the tree, there are so many beautiful people, and I wanted to share our stories of defeat and triumph while clearing up some of the many misconceptions people have about our profession.

Will you join the Rebelution?

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