Demystifying HR

I started The HR Sound Off Podcast Show in December 2019 to share my voice on various HR topics and trends.

In each episode, I interview HR professional and discuss current events in the industry, such as hot button topics, best practices, HR trends and much more.

In each episode, you will learn:

  • Their HR Origin story.
  • Shared resources that they think you will enjoy.
  • One misconception that people have about the HR profession that drives us crazy.

HR Sound Off On YouTube

Check out sound bite videos of past interviews with my guests, watch full episodes of HR Sound Off Live and catch the replay of magnifying HR Voices on my YouTube channel.


Magnifying HR Voices

Magnifying HR Voices airs every Wednesday at 12:00 pm CT on LinkedIn. Meet amazing HR pros who are being vulnerable and opening up about things in HR you never thought were possible.